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Jacky Bian

''Full of merit, yet poetically, human dwells on earth.'' This line from Heidegger has always been one of my favorite poems. I LOVE homes. I believe every soul deserves a perfect home to dwell, and I am here to bring every soul home.

I started off my career as a front media anchor who purely focuses on real estate news and real estate forums in GTA. Talking to the experts on a daily basis has really helped me to build a strong professional skill set for home buyers and sellers.

As my career progress, I came to realize that what brings me joy are homes and the imagination that came with the homes. Whether it's a condo or it's a house or it's a mansion, I have always enjoyed grasping the potential lives that dwell here. I'm not just an agent, I'm a home lover who happened to be a practical professional agent.

Let me help you buy and sell your homes. Let's work together, work smart, and work fast. What inspired me will always make me keep my promise to you - helping you buy your perfect home. From searching to evaluating, negotiating to closing, I'm your one-stop trusted advisor.

''Full of merit, yet poetically, human dwells on earth''

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